FOGATA Print Studio / Owner

Gonzalo Arriagada

My name is Gonzalo “Gonzo” Arriagada. I am an innovator, master multitasker and a man of action. For the past 20 years I have worked in the tennis industry as a coach, director and tennis pro.  My tennis career has given me the flexibility to do what I love while finding other pursuits to complement my overachieving nature. 

I began to explore screen printing when introduced by a friend many years ago.  I have an eye for detail and I was so mesmerized by the meticulousness of the whole process. I  love the hands on technique that allows me to be immersed in my work and I enjoy helping client's construct the design they have in their heads.  

My entrepreneurial spirit and desire to spend more time with my family is what drove me to open up Gonzo Custom Tees 3 years ago now FOGATA Print Studio.  Having my own business allows me to do what I love and take care of my daughters, Maya and Briana.  Briana is severely autistic and requires special attention around the clock.  This change  has impacted Briana's development in a positive way and has helped improve her quality of life.  Staying true to my values has given me the courage to pursue my passion.

One of my favorite aspects of this business is meeting with my client's.  I am a people person and I love sharing in my client's passions and helping them bring their designs to life.  I will take the time to make sure you get exactly what you want.  You can count on my services to be timely, and precise and you can expect a good quality product every time.  

I look forward to hearing from you!